Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Atlantic Conference Sessions

We now have a better idea of presentations that will take place at the AC in Corner Brook. Four sessions will be presented by Newfoundland and Labrador school boards: a French session on the challenges of being a minority, English sessions on Teachers Recruitment, Development of Local Learning Initiatives, and a session for New Trustees. Nova Scotia is also providing a session on Personal Decision-making Style and how it can affect board's decision-making. PEI has agreed to be responsible for three sessions: one on Memory Training by Jay Gallant (FSB), one on the Robert's Rules of Order by Bob Clow (ESD), and one on the Task Force on Student Achievement by Gary Doucette (WSB) and Sandy MacDonald (super at the ESD).

Thanks to all! Thank you, PEI!

CSBA Congress Program now available

Your board now has received a .pdf version of the program of Congress 2006. Check it out! Hope you can come to Montreal with us. The PEISTA is looking into saving us money and having a tour bus available to get us over to the Congress and back. Should make the trip a lot cheaper and a lot better!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Draft PEISTA Logo

Here is our Draft Logo. Send us your feedback!

Parent and Teacher Views on Education

More than 2000 parents and 2000 teachers took part in a survey in June 2005, giving their views of the public education system. The survey compares the views of the two groups on issues such as assessment and accountability, school climate, leadership, parental involvement, and the teaching profession. If you want to read more about the report, go to www.aceresearch.ca

Weblog launched officially!

The Board of Directors of the STA met tonight and approved this weblog as the official PEISTA website. We are very proud of this communication tool, and hope you list it under your 'favorites'! Make sure you visit us often: we'll have links for you, news for you, and lots more, just for you! If you have ideas for us, comments to make about the log, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here 24/7!!

You may also come across our "draft" logo on a few CSBA documents. It is a draft, and we'd like your input.